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Lids By Design


Give Yourself an Instant Eye Lift Without Surgery

Redesign and reshape your eyelids with the help of medical grade instant eyelid correcting strips from Contours Rx. They lift and correct, taking years off of your appearance.

How it works:

When applied to the upper crease of the eyelid, the clear, medical grade tape smoothes away any sagging or drooping. The strips keep the excess skin taped into the crease, which creates the appearance of a more youthful, tighter eyelid. While the tape is not invisible, it is hard to detect. You can also apply makeup over the strips for extra camouflage.

Special Offer: Free Consultation with Purchase

Get a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with your Lids by Design purchase. Evelyne will provide you with simple steps and helpful information, including best placement, to get the most out of your Lids By Design. Give her a call at 949-673-8260 or email her at

Choose a size:

  • 4 mm - Subtle: Provides a subtle contouring and lift of the eyelid. Best for someone looking for a mild adjustment.
  • 5 mm - Casual: Offers a casual improvement in the appearance of the lid. Best for someone that is just beginning to notice a sagging or heaviness of their eyelid.
  • 6 mm - Moderate: Ideal for the person who has a moderate heaviness of their upper eyelid, and seeking a noticeable transformation.
  • 7 mm - Dramatic: The best size for the person with a more pronounced, heavy lid and seeking a dramatic improvement.
  • 8 mm - Maximum: Offers the maximum transformation - lifting, correcting and reshaping of the eyelid. Best used by those with sagging and/or hooded eyelids.


Price: $43.00