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Long before acupuncture, there was manual reflex therapy. Not to be confused with massage, reflexology stimulates neuro-sensory points to alleviate tension or stress held in various parts of the body associated with the target reflex zones. By stimulating specific points, you relax the nervous system and improve blood flow. Reflexology can be used to treat sports injuries, sore muscles, and also to help address conditions such as anxiety, diabetes and asthma.

Swiss Clinique specializes in a variety of different reflexology treatments that are designed to ease both physical and emotional conditions. 

Our Reflexology services include:

  • Face Reflexology: This deeply relaxing experience is an advanced approach to anti-aging facial rejuvenation and also helps treat allergies, anxiety, arthritis, depression and many other conditions. 
  • Foot Reflexology: Stimulating the foot's reflex zones, this treatment improves circulation, unblocks nerve impulses and alleviates fatigue, stress and tension from head to toe.

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