Charcoal has gotten a lot of attention lately, particularly on social media. Whether influencers swear by it for teeth whitening or use it as part of a detox diet, the buzz about charcoal is reaching a fever pitch. Does it actually live up to the hype? More importantly, can it help your skin? Read on for everything to know about the top charcoal benefits for skin care. 

What to Know About Charcoal

Charcoal is formed by burning carbon-based materials, such as wood. Long known for its detoxification properties, activated charcoal is available as an emergency prescription medication to treat accidental poisoning. It works by drawing out toxins and preventing the body from absorbing them. Charcoal does this thanks to its highly absorbent properties. As such, charcoal may also be used to treat health conditions including chronic kidney disease and GI issues such as gas and bloating. It may even help reduce bad cholesterol. 

Not surprisingly, it works similarly when charcoal is used in skin care products. For example, in exfoliating gel cleansers, charcoal can draw out dirt, oil, and buildup from the skin’s surface and pores.

Charcoal-based skincare products are typically non-irritating, making them ideal for even sensitive skin. Though it is often marketed to those with oily skin, when used in moderation, products that contain charcoal can benefit a variety of skin conditions. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin or damaged skin, check with your dermatologist before using a product containing charcoal. 

Charcoal Benefits for Skin

There are five main charcoal benefits for skin: 

Remove Toxins

Charcoal draws out impurities, making toxin-removal one of the leading benefits of charcoal for your skin. It may help to think of charcoal as a magnet attracting dirt, oil, and buildup, pulling these pore-clogging substances from your skin.

Reduce Acne

Skincare products that contain charcoal are often advertised to treat oily skin, which is acne-prone. This can be traced to the absorptive properties that draw out the buildup in pores responsible for acne. A gentle cleanser that contains charcoal can help keep your pores from accumulating debris and oil that causes pimples.

Shrink Pore Size

Large, visible pores are more likely to become clogged, which only makes them more visible. Over time, using a charcoal product may shrink the size of your pores.

Gentle Exfoliation

Products that contain charcoal may be slightly abrasive. This can help to remove dead skin cells, promoting cell turnover. Cell turnover helps with a luminous, youthful appearance. To that end, the benefits of using charcoal-infused products include reducing visible lines and other signs of aging, including dull skin.

Restore Damaged Skin

Charcoal benefits for skin may include restoring skin damaged by eczema or psoriasis. This is thanks to the inherent antifungal and antibacterial properties of charcoal. Be sure to talk with your dermatologist about using charcoal skin care products if treating skin conditions with medicated ointments or biologic injections. 

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