People desire facials for various reasons. While some folks want to get rid of those nasty blackheads, others wish for younger-looking skin. Then some want to be pampered. These are all excellent reasons to get these treatments. But, a facial itself is a bit of a mystery. So, the question is: what is a facial?

What Is a Facial?

A facial is a multi-step skin regimen that cleanses, nourishes, and exfoliates the skin. The result is a youthful and well-hydrated complexion. Treatments work best when they are part of a continuous skin care program.

The word on the street is that facials are amazing. There must be some truth to this since hundreds of individuals enjoy the skin-enhancing, relaxing features of a facial on a regular basis.

Now that you understand what a facial is, you may decide to get one. There are a few things you need to know before booking an appointment. Below is some pertinent information about these treatments.

What Do Facials Do?

A professional facial is a customized treatment for the neck, face, and décolleté that can assist in treating and preventing common issues. Having radiant, smooth skin is just part of the allure.

Facials also do the following:

  • Clean pores
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Eliminate the appearance of blemishes and fine lines
  • Increase collagen production
  • Hydrate and moisturize

How Often?

It varies. Preferably, you should schedule one once a month since that’s how long it takes for your skin to regenerate. If you can’t get one monthly, try to get one at least four times a year, once during each season.

If you have a skin issue, such as adult acne, you might need one more frequently to clear it up, especially at the beginning. The important thing is not to overdo it, particularly individuals with sensitive skin.

How to Prepare for a Facial

The best way to ensure the results you desire and not harm your skin during or after the treatment is not to use any exfoliating products before your treatment. Also, no shaving or facial waxing the morning of your facial.

If you are preparing for a special event or wedding, don’t arrange your skincare treatment the day before. It is best to book your treatment a couple of days before your special occasion, so your face looks its best.

Caring for Your Skin After a Facial

Post-treatment irritation or breakouts are probable if your skin and pores weren’t cleansed and cleared accurately.

To reduce redness or inflammation after your spa treatment, you should always follow any detailed instructions your esthetician gives you, cleansing your face with a gentle, all-natural cleanser. Additionally, you should pass on using a toner for a couple of days. Your freshly, cleansed face doesn’t need it.

Since your skin might be a little sensitive after your facial, avoid scrubbing and abrasive cleansers for at least three days after your treatment.

Where to Go to Get a Facial

You can schedule this treatment at a day spa or at your dermatologist’s office. Ultimately, the place to get your facial depends on what’s most convenient and comfortable for you. Swiss Clinique offers the best in skincare treatments and products. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment for your facial.