Do you feel overwhelmed with stress this year? If so, it’s no surprise the global pandemic has naturally caused a spike in anxiety and stress. Let’s look at how reflexology, precisely foot pressure points, can help you de-stress.

Reflexology Basics and Stress

The practice of reflexology first found a foothold in ancient Chinese medicine. Over time, additional influences transformed the field into what we see today. Reflexologists are highly trained professionals who possess an in-depth knowledge of pressure point manipulation.

Today’s reflexologists apply pressure to specific body points through an enhanced massage-like treatment. Among the many benefits are
● Stress reduction
● Pain alleviation
● Mood booster
● Reduced anxiety

Reflexology appointments typically focus on such areas as the hands, face, feet, and ears. The goal is to apply purposeful pressure to trigger healing in another part of the body. Many treatments use pressure points to facilitate relaxation throughout the body.

The sheer pleasure you’ll receive from an hour or so of pampering at a spa is a sure way to enhance your relaxation. Many of our clients at Swiss Clinique combine their reflexology appointment with additional soothing spa services. What better way to chase away the negative feelings that bombard us daily right now?

Foot Pressure Points

Have you ever found yourself massaging your feet at the end of a tiring day? If so, you intuitively understand the power that the nerves in your feet have over your body. Reflexology takes your self-massage skills a little deeper by focusing on specific foot pressure points.

By focusing on the fifteen pressure points in your foot, a reflexologist can soothe problems elsewhere in your body. Applying pressure to the tendon between your big and second toes, for instance, helps to reduce things like anxiety and menstrual pain.

Read this article at MindBodyPal for a thorough description of foot pressure points. Don’t hesitate to ask your reflexologist for tips on effective home-care techniques. While a professional spa treatment will transport you to a state of bliss, self-care is also essential.

Return to Your Spa

There’s no doubt that your stress will decrease once you walk into your favorite spa. Professional reflexologists know how to press on foot pressure points to achieve the ultimate in stress reduction. Still, we know that many spa devotees are afraid to book an appointment during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite your understandable reluctance, we encourage you to invest in a day of spa treatments.

High-quality day spas have seized the current health crisis as a reason to improve our safety strategies. Everyone at your beloved skincare center, from the massage therapists to the receptionists, has a vital role in keeping their clients and employees healthy.

California’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Personal Care Services document provides extensive criteria for reopening and operating salons and spas. Every personal service business in California must adhere to super strict safety guidelines to stay open.

You can expect your favorite spa to take steps like the following to keep you safe.
● Clean and sterilize all surfaces and equipment.
● Wear masks.
● Do employee and client health checks.
● Enforce social distancing requirements.
● Limit access to the facility.

Don’t forget to wear a mask when you arrive for an appointment. Appropriate face masks come in all sorts of designs to reflect your style. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came up with a simple DIY face-covering that you can try.

Along with wearing a face mask, you can help keep everyone safe by staying home if you feel sick. Expect your spa to check in with you before your appointment. Please reschedule your scheduled treatment if you have any of these symptoms.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, it’s easy to become so consumed by stress that daily living feels impossible. Treating yourself to a reflexology session, focusing on foot pressure points, is a terrific way to destress. World-class reflexologists are back to work and ready to welcome you to some of the most exceptional stress reduction services in Southern California.

Swiss Clinique offers relaxing and productive foot and facial reflexology services. The expert reflexologists at our Newport Beach and Corona del Mar, CA, locations excel at using pressure points to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Contact us today to discover the holistic healing power of professional reflexology. We can’t wait to compare face mask styles with you in person.