Millions of Americans live a plant-based lifestyle, and the numbers continue to grow each year. As people continue to look for ways to prevent harm to animals, while reducing their individual carbon footprint, the vegan and vegetarian food industries have grown exponentially. Likewise, the high-end skincare industry has also begun to offer countless vegan and cruelty-free products. So, is vegan skincare the better choice for you? 

What Are Vegan Skincare Products?

If a product is labeled vegan this means that none of the ingredients in the product originated from an animal. This includes animal by-products and animal-derived products. It’s important to note that vegan products are different from products that are labeled cruelty-free. Cruelty-free products are products that are not tested on animals; however, they may contain animal products. 

Benefits of Vegan Products for Your Skin

Vegan products offer several benefits for all people, even if you do not follow a vegan diet. In addition to preventing harm or cruelty to animals and being better for the environment, vegan products are likely to be easier on your skin. The reason is simple. Vegan products typically contain far fewer ingredients than those made with animal by-products or animal derivatives. 

The second benefit of vegan products is the vitamin boost you’ll likely get from them. Vegan skincare products typically offer incredible antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, dermatologists even believe that when you use vegan products, you’re getting more vitamins and minerals than you do from other products. Vegan ingredients such as ginger, mint, lavender, and aloe vera have been used for centuries for their amazing soothing and beautifying properties. 

How to Find Vegan Products for Your Skin

Some products that are vegan will have a seal from one of a few different organizations. PETA offers labels for some products, which may indicate they are cruelty-free or vegan. Likewise, organizations including Vegan Action and the Vegan Society maintain lists of some products that they endorse as vegan. 

It’s important to note that many high-end skincare products are vegan but may not have an indication label. For example, many skincare products made by Eminence, Lydia Dainow, and Osmosis are vegan but you may not see a label.  

Are Vegan Face Products Right for Me?

If you are considering switching to vegan products, you’re certainly not alone. Whether you decide to switch to reduce harm to animals and to the environment, or if you prefer to embrace a more natural lifestyle, vegan products for your face and body may be a terrific option. So, give it a shot. As with any new skincare routine, you may want to consult a licensed clinician, particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

Vegan Skincare in Newport Beach

At Swiss Clinique in Newport Beach, we offer a variety of skincare treatments that use vegan products. We also carry an extensive line of face and body products that are vegan, cruelty-free, or both. Schedule a consultation with our team of experienced skincare clinicians today by calling (949) 500-1210.