As we collectively shift our priorities toward a cleaner, greener, kinder world, nearly every industry must meet the demand for natural and organic products. The makeup industry is no exception. Natural and organic makeup is growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. This trend is good news for the earth and even better news for your skin. Here is what to know about natural makeup benefits.  

What is Organic Makeup? 

Organic makeup, also interchangeably referred to as natural makeup, is makeup that contains natural ingredients such as minerals and plants. It is free of unnecessary filler ingredients. Natural makeup also contains beneficial natural ingredients that promote healthy skin. Minerals and plants are deemed non-toxic.  

Why Should You Use Natural Makeup? 

Natural makeup offers various benefits that makeup containing synthetic ingredients can’t match.  

Better for Your Skin

Organic and natural makeup is free from harsh chemicals that can lead to irritation and inflammation. It is also typically less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Mineral makeup is also less likely to clog pores, helping to prevent breakouts.   

Yet, it often contains powerful healing ingredients such as rosemary, shea butter, aloe, and grapeseed oils.  

 Better for the Environment

Natural, mineral, and organic makeup don’t rely on traditional substances (compounds) for production. Conventional makeup often requires aluminum, petroleum, and lead to produce. Accessing these compounds requires mining (read: destroying) the natural environment.  

Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Fragrance-Free Makeup is Safer

Natural mineral makeup is free from a host of undesirable additions. It contains no parabens, which are essentially preservatives found in conventional makeup. Parabens also happen to be used to preserve glues, oils, fats, and even shoe polishes. Parabens have correlated with cancer formation. Repeated exposure can also impact the immune cells in the skin.  

Natural makeup is also free of gluten and fragrances, which can cause allergic responses. Mineral makeup, in particular, is also free of waxes and other bulking agents.  

 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Natural mineral makeup contains remarkable anti-inflammatory properties thanks to Vitamin A and E, which fight damage caused by free radicals. Mineral makeup can also help calm inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea.  


Animal lovers flock to organic makeup because it is vegan and cruelty-free. When you choose organic cosmetics, you know you’re doing your part to prevent cruel testing or using animal products on your skin.  

Contains Natural Sunscreen

One of the best safety features of natural mineral makeup is that it often contains natural sunscreen in the form of titanium dioxide. That doesn’t mean you should forgo sunscreen for a day at the beach, but it offers additional protection. 

Long Lasting Pigment

Because natural makeup is free of bulking agents that require less pigment, it contains more pigment. As a result, you can use less, and it lasts longer. 

Shop for Natural Mineral Makeup 

Natural mineral makeup, when used regularly between premium skin care treatments, can help you achieve your most beautiful skin. At Swiss Clinique in Newport Beach, we specialize in organic skin care treatments and offer a wide variety of organic, natural, and mineral makeup. Call 949-500-1200 or book an appointment online today.