Getting out of town can be a great way to refresh your soul, but those pesky skin problems that can happen after traveling and being outdoors may cause you to think twice. You may have had the experience of spending more of your time trying to just look normal when you want to be out there on the beach or out on the town. We’re here to help you remedy some of the most common issues with your skin while traveling to your next destination.

Dry Air While Flying

One of the first culprits of skin gone awry can be low humidity in an airplane cabin. People’s skin can react to varying degrees. You might encounter a rash. Or, your glands could go into overdrive trying to compensate for the low-moisture content in the air, and the next thing you know, you have a clogged pore, acne, or eczema.

The Solution

Because low-moisture content in the air is one of the leading factors of skin irritation, it’s important to apply hydrating products to your skin before take-off. These will help to maintain a barrier that’s functioning properly and protecting your skin cells below the surface. Products like our Lydia Daïnow Fluid Hydrant can not only support your body’s natural systems but also block out harmful UV rays that you would be exposed to in a window seat.

When you’re dealing with skin that’s already under siege by an overabundance of oil or bacteria, products that use salicylic acid and tea tree oil can help remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and ultimately reduce the visibility of those blemishes. Additionally, hydrocortisone cream can help cool inflammation you may be dealing with. Swiss Clinique offers a variety of products to help these issues, regardless of your skin type. Whatever your method for high-altitude skin defense, don’t forget that drinking plenty of water is one of the most effective ways to stay hydrated.

Other “Hazards” While Flying

If you’ve just spent nine hours dozing on your travel pillow to an international destination, you might be surprised by the new creases that have shown up on your face as you freshen up in the bathroom. Not to worry – you haven’t done any damage here, but you don’t want to look like a cubist’s work of art upon arrival either.

Are you someone who has had to deal with puffy eyes or even a puffy face after spending an extended amount of time on a plane? It could be lack of sleep, or it could be makeup irritation from extended wear. The sensitive skin around the eyes can be especially prone to this.

The Solution

If you’re dealing with folds on your face, try to prepare in advance by bringing a silk or semi-silk pillowcase. Not only will this be kinder to those with sensitive skin, but it will keep you from having to allow those annoying creases to unfold on their own timing.

For puffy eyes, make sure you remove any makeup you may be wearing before you board a plane, which may stop the problem before it starts. If you’re concerned about concealing, a tinted moisturizer can be a great alternative to normal foundation, as it will keep skin hydrated and offer coverage. You can also use a cooling eye mask to keep things under control.

Before exiting your flight, you can give yourself a gentle facial massage to get the circulation going again. Try a small dab of something that will both hydrate and firm the delicate tissue around the eye. Our Osmosis Refresh works wonderfully to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

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Too Much Fun in the Sun

While you may find a bit of Zen basking under the sun, you’re probably aware of the damage the sun can cause to your skin, so you take precautions by applying sunscreen beforehand. Sometimes that’s not enough if you’re spending more overall time exposed to the sun than you’re used to or if you’re sunbathing at a latitude where the sun’s rays or more direct (intense) than what your skin is used to.

The Solution

If you’ve already developed that less-than-desirable tan, look for a product that contains aloe, one of nature’s most effective sunburn relief agents. Cucumber extract in gels can also provide cooling relief. Our Tropical Vanilla Body (SPF 32) provides dual protection by blocking harmful UV rays and providing moisture to the skin to keep it from drying out.

Bugs Like You, A Lot

If you’re all about the outdoors, be prepared to deal with nature in all its glory. From the tropical isles of Hawaii to the backwoods of Minnesota, we (bugs) have you covered. Sometimes no matter how well you think you’ve sprayed or covered, you can still get those nasty bites, and they will itch afterward!

The Solution

Again, prevention is one of your closest friends. If you can invest in a solid bug spray, you’re going to lessen the chances of bug bites in the first place. Deet is a common and effective ingredient in many sprays, but if you’re more sensitive to certain ingredients, there are a number of more natural options out there.

If you are dealing with bug bites, resist the urge to scratch them! Application of products with natural essential oils like tea tree and peppermint will be soothing. We offer a specialized, patented formula in Osmosis Rescue that uses Sweet Wormwood extract to calm inflammation, neutralize toxins, and activate wound repair.

Travel should – and can – be enjoyable. There are sometimes unexpected events that happen when you are out of your element, but dealing with skin problems hopefully won’t have to be one of them! Rest assured we have only the highest quality offerings for all your skin-related health and beauty needs. Click here to learn more about Swiss Clinique. Happy travels!