Social distancing does not mean you should forget about caring for your skin. Indeed, you’ll eventually receive the all-clear to meet up with friends, and you can wow them with gorgeous skin if you put in some work now. Read on for proven skincare routines you can do from home.

Put a Daily Walk into Your Shelter-in-Place Routine

The arrival of spring brings an increasing number of warm, sunny days. You may have heard that health experts believe it’s a smart idea to spend some time outdoors each day. One of the best reasons to venture outside for a solitary walk right now is that sunshine delivers vitamin D to your body, providing you with such benefits as stronger bones and a healthy immune system.

Along with vitamin D, taking a daily walk gives your body the work-out that can help to make your face look more youthful and alive. Prevention notes, for example, that a regular walking regimen improves the amount of collagen your body produces so your skin will look younger.

Research shows that you should aim to walk for at least thirty minutes, five days per week. As with most aerobic exercise, push yourself to keep to the briskest pace you can maintain while still being able to carry on a conversation.

While a few minutes enjoying the sunshine without sunscreen can be beneficial, don’t forget to slather your go-to sunscreen on for more extended strolls. There’s no avoiding the fact that going outdoors without sunscreen leads to skin cancer and wrinkles. Read this American Cancer Society article for advice on what to look for in a sunscreen.

Face Masks Are a Proven Skincare Winner

Too many of us don’t make time for face masks during our super hectic lives. Why not take advantage of your time at home to indulge in a luscious face mask? Indeed, the regular application of your favorite face mask is a proven skincare winner that will help to prepare your skin to rejoin the community once social distancing comes to an end.

A high-quality face mask has the power to boost the beauty of your skin. It is especially well- suited to aiding specific skincare needs such as dryness and acne. Even more, spending time using a mask is a fantastic way to pamper yourself while also doing something beneficial to your skin.

You’ll want to include face-mask time in your daily social distancing routine if you struggle with dry skin. Face masks do an excellent job of delivering a considerable amount of moisture to parched skin. Mature skin always looks younger and more alive when moisturized, and face masks are a proven skincare technique for adding that much- needed moisture to dry skin.

Did you know that you can craft a mask out of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen? It’s true; here are some terrific face mask recipes to use in a pinch.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

There’s a strong chance that you’re using a massive amount of soap and hand sanitizer these days. While taking the time to clean your hands properly is an essential part of germ prevention, the heavy-duty use of soap and hand sanitizer is hard on your skin. Fortunately, there are proven skin care remedies that will keep your hands soft, no matter how often you clean them.

Beauty experts agree that moist hands begin with a gentle cleanser. We know it is tempting to scrub your hands with the most potent soap available, but keep in mind that mild soaps can also do a terrific cleansing job. Indeed, there’s every reason to think that combining your favorite cleanser with warm water is powerful enough to clean your hands thoroughly.

Don’t forget to slough off the dry, dead skin cells on your hands with regular exfoliating treatments. Happily, you can make a terrific exfoliator using ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Read this Instructables article for a simple home recipe that will make your hands smooth and soft.

Make it your mission to moisturize your hands multiple times a day. Look for a hand cream that includes moisture enhancers such as petroleum jelly, shea butter, and glycerin. Here is more information on what to look for in hand cream.

Last Thoughts

We know that practicing social distancing isn’t easy, but it is a necessary part of our lives right now. Take time while you’re at home to care for your skin with our proven skincare strategies so you’ll eventually be prepared to greet the world with your best skin.

Meanwhile, all of us at Swiss Clinique remain committed to helping you to achieve radiant skin. You can purchase your favorite skincare products at our online store today. We can’t wait until we can meet again at our spas in Corona del Mar. Please know that we wish you and your family health and peace in the coming weeks.