Dealing with body hair and the skin issues that can arise during the removal of that body hair is one of the many frustrations of grooming. Many people shave as their regular practice, likely because there are several misconceptions about waxing. There are many types of wax and it’s true – some are much better than others. However, waxing is an excellent hair-removal method if you use a high-quality wax. Waxing treatments done with organic wax are especially great for your skin.

Waxing vs. Shaving: Why is Organic Waxing Better?

1. It’s Efficient

Shaving will keep your hair at bay for a day or two before you can feel hair stubble re-emerging. With waxing, you won’t have to worry about hair growing back for at least two weeks. Plus, a waxing appointment will only take a tiny fraction of your day. Think about how much faster your showers will be when you don’t have to shave.

2. Improve Skin Health

There’s a common myth that shaving is good for your skin because it’s exfoliating. This is false. But, waxing does exfoliate the top level of your skin because it removes dead skin cells when the wax is removed. Keep in mind that skin exfoliation should be done separately, regardless of whether you wax or shave. Neither hair removal method is a replacement for a good exfoliation.

If your salon uses organic wax, waxing is much easier on your skin than shaving. You’re less likely to get ingrown hairs and other symptoms of skin irritation when you get waxed with a high-quality wax. Also, when you are dealing with sensitive areas, such as your face and bikini line, the last thing you want is redness and irritation. Smooth skin is also ideal in places like your upper lip.

waxing vs shaving

3. Avoid Itchy Skin

Hair removal leads to itchy skin because removal can irritate your hair follicles. The process of hair regrowing is often irritating, and that’s what causes your skin to itch, and to develop those unsightly ingrown hairs. Waxing vs. shaving reduces this irritation because waxing removes hair from the root. This makes it much more likely that when hair does re-grow, it’ll come in straight and smooth, therefore causing less irritation. If you’d like to spend your bikini-clad vacation enjoying the beach or the pool rather than worrying about bumps and itchiness at your bikini line, consider making a wax appointment.

4. Hair Regrowth Reduction

In addition to hair growing back with less itching when you wax, your hair will grow back thinner and finer. This happens because when you wax and remove hair from the root, you damage the hair follicle responsible for growing that hair. That may sound bad, but it’s actually helpful in hair removal. As the hair follicle gets damaged, it slows its production of hair growth or even stops altogether. This means that in addition to your hair taking longer to grow back after waxing, it may stop growing entirely. Different skin reacts differently to wax so you may not see a lot of growth reduction, but at the very least, waxing will thin your hair when you do it consistently enough.

5. Find What’s Right for Your Skin

There are many differences in skin types, and the advantage of waxing is that you can alter the type of wax used to complement your skin type. If a specific wax is irritating your skin, you can switch to one with different ingredients. There are different types of razors, but at the end of the day, they all do the same thing. If your skin is irritated in any way by shaving, there isn’t much you can do to prevent that.

Just be cautious: the advantage of different types of wax on the market can work against you if you get waxed with a low-quality wax. Many salons use commercial waxes that are made with synthetic ingredients and can be harsh on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to get waxed with an organic wax. Wax sold at the drugstore for use at home will typically have lower-quality ingredients. Be aware of what’s being used on your skin before you commit to a wax.

The beauty of getting waxed by a professional is that they will take good care of your skin and administer the wax correctly. Wax applied at the wrong temperature, for the wrong amount of time, or removed incorrectly can damage your skin. Some people avoid waxing vs. shaving because they are afraid of the side effects waxing can have. As long as you do your research and go to a reputable spa for your wax, you don’t need to worry about skin damage. A quality spa will have estheticians on-hand who have been trained to wax correctly.

At Swiss Clinique, we use the finest, organic wax that’s perfect for sensitive skin areas. Our highly-trained staff will take good care of you during your service, and you’ll leave feeling smooth and pampered. Book your appointment today.