The hormonal changes that take place during the teen years can wreak havoc on young skin. With increased hormone production comes an increase in oil production from the sebaceous glands, leading to pimples, bumps, and sometimes severe acne. As teens grapple with the emotional effects of surging hormones, the last thing they need is to worry about how their skin looks. Fortunately, teen facials are available to help young people struggling with breakouts. Even better? Teen facials can help young people learn healthy skin care habits (including why they shouldn’t pick at bumps) that will last a lifetime.

Facials Can Help Hormone-Driven Breakouts

Teen skin is notoriously unpredictable. While it may be clear one evening, it’s not uncommon to awaken to painful, red, or pus-filled bumps, just hours after washing your face before bed. The unpredictability of teen skin can be squarely blamed on hormones. As teens age into adulthood, a whole host of hormonal surges can make it increasingly difficult to keep pimples at bay.

Teen facials can help. Your licensed esthetician can not only recommend skin cleansers, toners, and moisturizers best suited for your unpredictable skin, but the professional, medical-grade products used during a custom facial can start calming a breakout immediately.

Professional Skin Care Treatments Highlight Dangers of Picking or Popping

Estheticians love educating their clients. After all, they want you to see improvement in your skin as much as you do. During a facial, in addition to recommending products best suited for your skin, your clinician will offer helpful advice, guidance, and warnings about certain habits that teens are prone to engage in. Indeed, during a teen facial, you’re liable to hear quite a few compelling reasons why you should never attempt to correct a blemish by picking, popping, or scraping.

From making a blemish worse to getting an infection, to permanent scarring, teens are reminded not to pop pimples or bumps (particularly those deep beneath the skin). A bump is just temporary, but a scar caused by picking can last a lifetime.

Facials Can Help Teens Establish Healthy, Lifelong Skin Care Habits

Facials can assist with immediate skin concerns troubling young adults, such as self-confidence issues and problem-skin. They can help mitigate breakouts and reduce the likelihood of long term scarring. But perhaps most importantly, getting facials as a teen can help set up lifelong good skin care habits, including the need for protecting skin from damage or sun-induced skin cancer. Reinforcing good cleansing and protection routines early on can help not only with the aging process but with maintaining healthy skin for life.

Teen Facials in Orange County, CA

At Swiss Clinique in Newport Beach, our team of experienced, compassionate, and highly trained estheticians are here to help teens with problem skin. Our licensed clinicians support the guidance and recommendations of dermatologists and have learned through experience what products work best. Additionally, all products used in facials at Swiss Clinique are premium, organic, medical-grade products. Contact us today to schedule a skin care teen facial.