You pamper your skin because you know that it has to last a lifetime. However, it can be challenging to maintain the beauty and moisture of your skin during the cold winter months. Keep reading for four skincare ingredients to avoid this winter.

Cold Weather Skin Stressors

There’s no denying that your skin has to work extra hard to maintain a healthy moisture level during cold weather. Even skin that radiates with moisture during the rest of the year can ache with dryness during the winter months.

Experts say that your skin dries out when the temperature drops below freezing since cold air contains less water than warm air. Combine the low humidity in the air with the drying effects of indoor heating, and you have the recipe for dry, damaged skin.

Fortunately, there are many skincare products on the market today that will help your skin to overcome the beating that it takes during the coldest months of the year. It’s a smart idea to pamper your skin with things such as non-fragranced creams, gentle cleansers, and body oils once the furnace kicks on for the season.

While gentle skincare products can help keep your skin comfortable throughout the winter months, there are certainly skincare ingredients to avoid. Read on for some of the worst things that you can put on your body this winter.

4 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid this Winter

Which ingredients should you keep out of your wintertime skin maintenance routine? As you know, the biggest problem that your skin will face this winter is dryness. Your goal needs to be to add moisture without further irritating your cold-weather stressed skin.

Sadly, some of the products that you love aren’t smart cold-weather choices. Let’s look at four of the ingredients that shouldn’t go anywhere near your face or body this winter.

No. 1- Fragrance

Of course, you love pampering your skin with heavenly smelling lotions. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the sensory experience that comes with a fragrant skin product? However, you must leave the artificially-scented products on the store shelves until spring.

We recommend that you opt for fragrance-free products if you have dry skin as synthetic fragrances can worsen any skin irritation. Don’t worry; you’ll still enjoy a sensory thrill when you stick to high-quality products that contain ingredients like natural oils.

No. 2- Astringents

You know that pricey astringent that you discovered last summer? Chances are, you should hide it away in your medicine cabinet until t-shirt weather returns. Astringents are typically alcohol-based and will further dry out your already moisture-starved skin this season.

No. 3- Bar Soap

We know that you’ve taken the time to find the perfect bar soap. However, many bar soaps contain ingredients that will parch your skin, so be extra weary during this time of year. Try indulging in a creamy cleanser instead!

No. 4- Petrolatum

Petrolatum is a sophisticated name for petroleum jelly. It’s easy to get tricked into reaching for petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline to seal moisture into your skin. The problem is that products containing petrolatum also prevent dirt and grime from escaping the surface of your skin. By not allowing air to penetrate through the petroleum jelly, these products often cause a nasty case of wintertime acne in users.

Avoid products containing petrolatum or anything labeled petroleum jelly, petrolatum, paraffin oil, or mineral oil. Instead, try unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, or shea butter.

Winter Skincare Tips

Remember how we said that it’s vital that you treat your skin kindly this season? Well, along with avoiding seasonally irritating products, you can keep your skin looking vibrant no matter how low the temperature plummets over the next few months. Make sure that the following tips are a part of your winter skincare routine.

Say Goodbye to Hot Showers

We know that a long, steamy shower is your go-to way to unwind at the end of the day. However, experts say that hot showers will dry out your skin, and you shouldn’t indulge during this time of year. However, if you simply can’t say no to your hot showers, try to moisturize immediately after your shower. Your skin will thank you!

Say Yes to Sunscreen

Did you know that winter sun can do substantial damage to your unprotected skin? UV rays don’t go away when the weather changes, and your skin will reward you in the future if you apply sunscreen each day. Read here for more information on the importance of wearing sunscreen in the winter.

Say Hello to a Humidifier

Plug in a room humidifier to give your skin an extra moisture boost. Read this Bustle article for a discussion about why you should use a humidifier and how to choose one.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, you don’t need to accept dry, painful skin during the winter. When you pay attention to our skincare ingredients to avoid, you’ll go a long way toward healing any skin dryness. You can further banish the dangers of aching skin by sticking to our simple winter skin protection tips.

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