Summer is on the horizon! You know what that means. It’s about time for vacations, road trips and beach days. But just as the seasons change, our beauty routines need to change too.

We know with the warmer weather we need to start using more SPF protection and moisturizer, but when you’re on vacation, adapting to a new routine can be easier said than done. That’s why we have a few EASY swap outs you can make for flawless vacation beauty.

Swap Out The Razor

Get a wax instead. Plan ahead so you can leave the razor at home. Make an appointment to get a wax a few days leading up to your vacation. Unlike shaving, waxing lasts longer because it pulls the hair directly from the root. It won’t leave you with any unsightly cuts or knicks that you would otherwise be trying to hide in your short shorts or bikini. Plus, waxing before you leave saves you time that otherwise would have been spent shaving so you can actually enjoy your vacation!

Swap Out Waterproof Mascara

Opt for a more permanent solution so you won’t be wasting time applying makeup every day. Try a semi-permanent option like MaXcara for lush, full lashes that still look natural. Waterproof and sweatproof, MaXcara lasts for two to three weeks, so you can still have flawless lashes even after your trip!

Swap Out Chemical-Based Sunscreen

Apply a physical-based sunscreen for safer SPF protection. Chemical sunscreens use ingredients that are free radical generators, and can lead to skin damage, irritation and aging. Try Eminence’s Tropical Vanilla Body with SPF 32, the fast-absorbing, all natural formula goes on with ease, provides UVA/UVB protection, and delivers a non-greasy, smooth finish.

Swap Out Heavy Foundation

With summer upon us, let’s face it: no one wants to wear heavy, caked-on makeup during the hot weather! Your goal may be to get out of the house with only sunscreen on, but it’s easier said than done when acne or uneven skin tone have you reaching for the foundation each morning. Skip the foundation this vacation, and give microdermabrasion a try before you leave. It helps to even out your skin tone, minimize enlarged pores, and diminish dark marks caused by previous breakouts.

Whatever your summer routine may be, the tips above will not only make your vacations a breeze, but will also promote a healthier look so you can flaunt your beauty with confidence.