Did you know that boys’ and girls’ skin is similar up until puberty? Once hormones kick in, the skin dramatically changes its response to elements, skin structure, and oil production. A man’s skin is also thicker than a woman’s, which means issues can sequester in deeper layers. Even though facials for men are often overlooked, there are many reasons to get them. Here are our top five.

1. Calms Skin from Shaving

Most men need to shave every day and doing so irritates the skin. Facials can break that vicious cycle of shaving and irritating the skin. Regular skincare will calm and soothe the skin, which makes it less likely to get irritated at the next shave, improving the cycle. Getting regular facials helps your skin heal and maintain its texture and tone. The massage also increases oxygenated blood flow, which is necessary for healing.

Tip: Even with a beard or mustache, facials are still an option for men. The skin under the hair will still receive the benefits from the steam and the massage. Afterward, beards can be conditioned to stay manageable and looking well kept.

2. Relieves Tension

It is not uncommon for men to store tension and stress in their jaws, facial muscles, shoulders, and neck. They may not even know that they are doing this until they experience a relaxing facial and sense the difference between tightened muscles and ones that are relaxed. The “For Men Only” Signature Facial includes reflexology for the face, neck, scalp, and shoulders to relieve stress and diminish pain.

In addition to taking care of their skin, skilled professionals trained in reflexology techniques will provide the ultimate relaxation for men who embrace the chance to just chill. Many men do not realize that massage is an important part of the whole facial experience and often the most praised part of the treatment.

3. Combats the Elements

Being outside or exposed to environmental toxins is rough on the skin and facial skin is affected the most. Too much sun, wind, or debris can overwhelm skin pores and leave skin looking and feeling congested. Men’s facials are designed to repair the damage that is already done and prevent an additional assault. During the facial, estheticians can recommend products that will provide a barrier to their daily elements with products like Suntegrity Moisturizing Sunscreen and Primer SPF30.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that men are less likely to use sunscreen. With about 44% of men stating that they never use it on their face for protection. Using sunscreen can protect a man’s skin from issues later in life like skin cancer. Not to mention that shaving with a sunburn is not a pleasant experience. You will want to avoid that!

facials for men

4. Counteracts Oil Production

Men can produce quite a bit of oil to the testosterone hormone. After a workout, using a product like Osmosis Purify and applying luke-warm water to the face can cleanse the skin quickly without waiting to get home to shower.

A men’s facial will address the consequences of built-up or over-productive sebaceous glands. It is only with professional advice, skincare education, and well-made products that oil production will be understood and treated appropriately. Then, men can put their best face forward in all professional and personal interactions.

5. Provides Proper Hydration

When facial skin has clogged pores, acne, or an oily appearance, many do not think about hydrating the skin. Over 50% of men have dry skin. If men have oily skin or breakouts, they hesitate to put on moisturizer because it seems counter-intuitive. Dehydration can cause breakouts to happen. Therefore, a facial can not only moisturize the skin, but it can be helpful to educate men on how to properly balance the skin without fear of acne or clogged pores.

Estheticians recommend skin protection and hydration over anything else. Also, avoiding bar soap to cleanse a man’s face will prevent dryness an even cracking of the skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and your face says a lot about your health and your attitude. Be proactive and treat your skin as well as the rest of you by getting skincare advice, professional facials, and recommendations for useful products.

Change of seasons is a great time to get a facial. Because many men have never had a facial before, it is helpful to know what to expect. Bring the products you use for the esthetician to evaluate. Avoid exfoliating products several days before your service. Let the esthetician do the work while you relax!