Choosing the best makeup to match your skin can be a challenge. The large variety of options has increased the chance of making the wrong decision. One of the best ways you can get your makeup to match your skin is by correctly identifying your skin’s undertones. However, while it’s easy to get a general idea of skin color, most of us can’t simply look in a mirror to determine the undertone of our skin. Luckily, there are a few ways to identify our undertones. Before you go and pick out your next foundation or blush, be sure to ask yourself these questions to ensure you select the right color for your skin tone.

Do You Tan or Burn?

If you tan easily, then you most likely have yellow to olive, warm skin undertones. If your skin tends to burn or doesn’t tan easily, you have pink, red or blue, cooler undertones.

What Color Are Your Veins?

Look at the inside of your wrists. Do your veins appear green or blue? If they look green, you have warm undertones. If they look more of a blue or purple color, you have cool undertones.

Which Looks Better on You: Gold or Silver?

Try on your favorite pieces of gold and silver jewelry. Which looks better on you? (Not which you like more, but the color that makes you look more awake and glowing). If you look better in gold, you likely have warmer undertones. If the silver looks better on you, than you have cooler undertones.

Important Tip: When determining your undertone, make sure to do it under natural light. LED lights tend to cast a red hue, while florescent lights cast a yellow hue. Natural sunshine is always the best lighting to use to accurately identify undertone.

If You Have Warm Undertones:

When it comes to makeup and clothing choice, try to stick to neutral, earthy colors such as brown, yellow, and orangey-red shades. For foundation, opt for formula with a golden or yellow undertone.

If You Have Cool Undertones:

Opt for jewel-toned makeup with green, blue and purple shades. When it comes to foundation, stick to one that has a pink undertone. In need of a new foundation now that you know your undertone? Check out Advanced Mineral Makeup – it’s 100% vegan, goes on smooth without a cakey-finish, and is used by celebrity makeup artists. Advanced Minerals also offers several color options, so you can match your skin tone perfectly.