Most of us wish we could slow down the clock, or at least minimize the evidence of the passage of time on our skin. While growing older is a gift, most people aren’t as grateful for wrinkles. Some leading causes of wrinkles we can’t control. Wrinkles are caused by diminished fat in the deep layers of the skin, loss of elasticity, and decreased production of natural oils in the skin. Other causes of wrinkles we do have control over, such as those that develop as the result of too much sunshine, and poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to minimize the appearance of wrinkles for healthier skin at any age. Here’s how to prevent wrinkles by monitoring what goes in your body and what goes on your skin.

Watch What You Put in Your Body

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. So, everything you put in your body will either have a beneficial or negative impact on your skin. When thinking of how to prevent wrinkles, think first of hydration and nutrition.

Embrace the Almighty H20

The importance of drinking enough water cannot be underscored. Because we produce less natural oil in our skin as we age, that means we need to make up for it with plenty of water. Water plays an integral role in every bodily function, from detoxification to regulating your body temperature. When you drink plenty of water, your skin stays hydrated, so it doesn’t look as dry and thin.

Food Focus: Vitamins

Recent studies show that women who eat a healthy diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients have fewer wrinkles than those who do not eat healthy diets. So, limit your red meat intake and up your antioxidant intake with foods like leafy greens, broccoli, peppers, carrots, avocados, berries, salmon, and other nutrient-rich foods.

How to Prevent Wrinkles with Premium Products

What you put on your body, particularly your face, is nearly as important as what you put in your body. So, when it comes to your skincare routine, make sure you are protecting your skin and using products that contain ingredients proven to be effective in preventing wrinkles.

Use Sunscreen Daily in SoCal

Too many people still think that sunscreen is only necessary for beach days, or other extended periods in the sun. Don’t fall for this myth. In Southern California, we average more than 300 days of sunshine each year, meaning that harmful UV rays can quickly cause wrinkles, even in young women. Make sure to use premium sunscreen on your face and hands every day to prevent premature wrinkles.

Select a Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective ingredients in preventing wrinkles. Look for a high-quality moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to keep your face moisturized and to protect your epidermal barrier.

Use Body Oils Containing Vitamin C for Smoother Skin

If you’re interested in how to prevent wrinkles on your body, add a body oil that contains Vitamin C to your skincare regimen. Body oils help minimize the look of wrinkles, improving the tone and texture of your skin on your arms, chest, and legs.

Choose Eye Creams Carefully

The thin delicate skin around your eyes is prone to wrinkling faster than fattier areas of the face such as your cheeks. So, invest in a high-quality eye cream specifically designed for this delicate area. The powerful regenerative properties of stem cells can work especially well for the eyes, so consider investing in an eye cream that includes a stem cell complex.

Get Regular Hydrating Facial Treatments

Drinking plenty of water and using a hydrating moisturizer in conjunction with sunscreen is imperative for preventing wrinkles. But to give your skin an added boost of moisture, professional facial treatments are the way to go. Consider booking regular Oxygen Hydration Infusion treatments, which combine the power of pressurized oxygen with hyaluronic acid for ultra-hydration.

Learn How to Prevent Wrinkles with Professional Help

Using premium products, eating a healthful diet, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking can help you prevent wrinkles. But professional help can slow the clock even more. At Swiss Clinique in Newport Beach, our experienced clinicians will show you how to prevent wrinkles by recommending the best treatments and medical-grade products to help you get healthier skin at any age. To schedule a skincare consultation in Newport Beach today, contact us online or call 949-673-8260.