Go from a day at the office, to a night on the town. Use these makeup tips for an easy to achieve look that will have you looking beautiful every day, no matter what you have planned.

1. Liquid Foundation

Start by applying small dots of liquid foundation all over the face. Use a foundation brush to blend the foundation in all over the face. Start with a little bit of foundation. You can always add more.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to help blend in the makeup, especially in areas that are hard to reach with the foundation brush. Using your fingers also helps to warm the product up, so it will go on a lot smoother. Make sure your hands are clean before doing so.

2. Concealer

Using a makeup brush, apply some concealer under the inner one-third of the eyes, below the lips, and to the sides of the nose. Again, once the product is applied, you can use your fingers to help blend it into the skin.

3. Pressed Powder Foundation

Next, apply a pressed powder using the “Press and Roll” method to achieve a matte finish. This method works by taking the makeup sponge and applying pressure from the inside of the sponge to the outside of the sponge. Only apply a little bit of powder at a time. Remember, you can always add more.

4. Blush

Lightly apply blush (this Daytime Palette works perfectly for this look) with a makeup brush to the apples of the cheek.

5. Contouring

Contour the face with either a powder that is two shades darker than the skin, or with a bronzer.

Use the “Backwards W” technique to apply the powder or bronzer: Apply a little product with a makeup brush along the upper left and right sides of the face, from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the ears. Then, apply to the outer lower left and right sides of the face, from the top of the jawline to the bottom of the chin.

6. Eyebrows

Fill in the eyebrows to frame the face. Take a little bit of shadow (preferably the same color as your hair), and apply using an angled brush. Softly apply from the inside, out. Fill in areas that may be sparse, and always work it in with your finger.

7. Eyeliner

Take your eyeliner and line the upper lash line all the way across, from the inside corner to the outside corner. After you have lined the eye, take a small fluff brush and blend the eyeliner to create an edge-less finish. Keep the eyeliner more intense at the lash line, and blend more upward to make the eyeliner fade away at the top of the eyelid.

Using your fluff brush, take the pressed powder that you used before to set and blend the eyeliner. This helps make the eyeliner last longer and is a great alternative to using a primer on your eyelids. Take your eyeliner and trace along the bottom, outer two-thirds of the eye. Again, blend in the eyeliner with your fluff brush, and take the pressed powder to set in the liner.

Tip: Using an eyeliner that has a little more creamy substance to it allows your eyeshadow to last longer.

8. Eyeshadow

Take a medium shade of eyeshadow and apply from lash line to crease, corner to corner. Remember to tap the excess eyeshadow off of your brush before applying.

9. Highlight Your Brows

Use a lighter, natural color eyeshadow to highlight the eyebrows. Use a small makeup brush and apply just below the eyebrows.

10. Intensify Your Eyes

Intensify the eyes with a darker shadow. Using a small fluff brush, add a little to the lash line to give more intensity to the look. Make sure to blend with the eyeliner. Do this same step to the bottom of the outer corner of the eye.

11. Mascara

Apply a bold, intense, black mascara to the upper eyelashes. Take your mascara and roll it along the tops of your lashes. This technique helps to lengthen and thicken the lashes. Flare the lashes up and out. This opens the eye and makes it look brighter. Add a little mascara to the bottom lashes by rubbing it into the lashes with a back and forth movement as opposed to an up and down movement.

12. Luminizer

Apply a luminizer to the outer edge of the cheeks using your fingers. This adds a soft, simple glow to the face.

13. Lips

Lightly apply a subtle-colored lip gloss to the lips.

14. Day to Evening Look

Once you have your everyday makeup applied, take your look to the next level for a night on the town by intensifying the eyes and lips for an evening look.

  • -Using your fluff brush, take a dark, chocolate brown eyeshadow to darken the lash line up. Add a little to the bottom lash line, too. Remember to blend as you go.
  • Intensify the lips with a lip liner. Line the lips with the liner, and fill in the lips with the liner. This also helps the lip gloss last longer. Reapply the lip gloss from Step 13, blending the color from the inner part of the lips to the outer part.

These tips will help you achieve a gorgeous look, one that you can use without having to try out several different shades of eyeshadow or lip gloss. Use this as your “go-to” look for a day at the office, a night on the town or any day of the week!

Watch the full video tutorial below!