Do you remember how sun-worshippers used baby oil as a tanning lotion? Of course, now you know baby oil doesn’t belong in your beach bag unless you covet sun-damaged skin. Keep reading for other skincare myths that shouldn’t be part of your skincare routine.

Why skincare myths stick around

Unfounded stories of how to achieve glowing skin have been around for ages. Although it’s easy to disregard skincare myths that seem too much like hocus pocus, others find their way into popular culture. One of the obvious explanations for why so many of us fall for magical sounding myths is that we all desire beautiful skin.

The trouble with putting your faith into inaccurate skincare strategies is that you might forget to do the things that will improve the health and appearance of your skin. Fortunately, there is a significant amount of research on how to avoid treating your skin to disaster.

Five common skincare myths

We hear all sorts of skincare questions at Swiss Clinique. One of the most rewarding parts of our work is the opportunity to help clear up misinformation. Here are five skincare myths that you should disregard.

Myth #1: Chocolate causes acne

Do you spend the day after Halloween searching for signs of a new pimple on your face? The argument that chocolate causes acne is a deeply entrenched belief in our society. What’s the truth?

Dermatologists say there isn’t any reliable evidence to believe that chocolate by itself causes acne. However, overindulging in sugary, high-fat foods all the time isn’t the recipe for beautiful skin. That said, you can safely indulge your passion for Halloween candy without jeopardizing your clear complexion.

Myth #2: You need to stick with one skincare line

Have you ever wondered if it’s alright to mix and match skincare products? Let’s say that you like the cleanser from one company, but you adore the luscious moisturizer from another one. Will the products work as effectively if you mix and match them?

The answer is a qualified yes, for the most part. You can happily reach for skincare items that delight your senses and your debit card. Do make sure that you don’t subject your skin to multiple products with ingredients that might turn your skin into the texture of crepe paper. Read here for more information on ingredients that don’t work well together.

Myth #3: Toothpaste is the ideal zit zapper

The idea that toothpaste is a terrific pimple killer has been around for generations. The concept is appealing: your nighttime routine would be so much simpler if you could brush your teeth and use a few dabs on your pimples. Sure, toothpaste can dry a zit out, but is it a compelling long-term anti-acne product?

Stay away from using toothpaste on your face. Some of the ingredients found in toothpaste, such as fluoride, are drying and can further irritate your already troubled skin.

Myth #4: You can skip sunscreen on cloudy days

Are you ever tempted to skip applying sunscreen on dark days? If so, you’re in good company as many of us grew up believing that you only need to use sunscreen on sunny days.

What do the skincare experts say about not wearing sunscreen when you can’t see the sun? The Skin Cancer Foundation affirms the need for year-round sun protection, even on overcast days. UV rays ravage the skin and lead to frightening things like (1) dark spots, (2) wrinkles, and (3) skin cancer.

Myth #5: Don’t feed oily skin with moisturizer

Conventional wisdom says you should never use moisturizer if you have oily skin. The idea behind this line of thought is that the added moisture will make your face look greasy and cause pimples. Although this type of thinking makes sense on the surface, will depriving your face of moisture help tone down your oily skin?

Don’t hesitate to slather a non-comedogenic moisturizer onto your face. The fact is that skipping a moisturizer will cause the surface of the skin on your face to become drier, causing your body to produce more oil.

It’s especially vital to use a moisturizer if you struggle with acne. The acne medications that keep your complexion clear can also make your face extra thirsty. Reach for a light-weight moisturizer with ingredients such as (1) glycerin, (2) aloe, and (3) squalane.

Last thoughts

Everyone wants gorgeous skin, and it’s sometimes hard to know how to achieve it. Hopefully, you now know five of the scary skincare myths to banish from your life. Treating your skin well now will reward you with healthy, glowing skin in later years.

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