When helping teens choose products for a skincare regimen, it is important to remember that their skin is more sensitive than that of adults. Using harsh and inferior products can increase the chances of long-term damage including excessive oil production, dull or dry appearance, and uneven tone or blemishes. Having a good teen skincare treatment regimen will help prevent these problems and leave skin feeling and looking bright and glowing.

With hundreds of skincare products to choose from, how does a teen know which one is the RIGHT one? This article will give you three gentle skin treatment options provided by Swiss Clinique.

1. Deep Clean Cleanser from Osmosis

Not only does this gentle cleanser provide a deep clean for sensitive skin, it also has an amazing hint of peppermint! It will remove dirt, makeup and other toxins that clog pores and inflame the skin. This cleanser corrects and smooths sun damaged skin without removing that important protective lipid barrier.

2. Purify Cleanser from Osmosis

Consistency is key to any healthy skin regime. This cleanser is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, and uses soothing, natural kiwi and kumquat derivatives to purify the skin. Your skin will feel and look refreshed, hydrated and radiant! It also has the irresistibly sweet smell of orange and lemon essential oils your teen will love to use. Purify also uses enzymes and an infusion of bromelain that has been shown to reduce redness and inflammation. Purify cleanser gently cleans, which is simple but can go a long way to making teen skin glow.

3. Polish Enzyme Exfoliate from Osmosis

Exfoliation is important in removing dead and dull skin cells that build up on the face. When skin is stripped of its natural protective lipid barrier, the skin becomes extra sensitive and unprotected. Polish is a delightful cranberry enzyme-smoothing, peptide-firming, antioxidant mask and exfoliate. But don’t worry, this Polish is gentle without drying young skin out. It does the job without being too strong and gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance with each application. It uses cranberry enzymes with small amounts of L-lactic Acid. It also contains a small amount of the antioxidant CoQ10, leaving teen skin protected and radiant. Polish is designed to remove only the exfoliating epidermal layers. The gentle firming effect the ingredients provide lasts for hours, leaving skin firm, smooth and beautiful!

Swiss Clinique offers only the best in skin care products and spa treatments. Our products provide high-quality skin care to customers all over the world, providing long-lasting results with only the best ingredients, leaving skin beautiful and well cared for. Being a teen already has many ups and downs, but you don’t have to let blemishes be one of them! Healthy skin means your teen can be confident in their clear skin, saving time and frustration! Help your teen get ahead of the game in the battle of hormonal skin by giving them effective products that make them want to take great care of their skin!