Using oil on your face may sound like it could make skin issues worse, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. However, even the most difficult skin can benefit from the right facial oil! Think about all the products that your skin comes into contact with daily. Even some products that claim hydration can cause your face to become dry and irritated. Combat dry and irritated skin with a facial oil in addition to your moisturizer (if you use one). It is essential to use not only a quality face oil but also the best face oil for your unique skin needs.

Face oil is meant to be a supplemental part of your skin routine

Oil benefits include boosting and/or balancing a moisturizer, concentrating a facial vitamin application, or even assisting in blemish healing. Facial cleansers can strip skin over time, increasing the chances of irritated areas that facial oils calm and smooth. Many of these oils can also be worn under your regular moisturizer as well as foundation.

Let’s check out some of our favorite facial oils!

Wildflower Ultralight Oil

This lightweight body oil quickly absorbs into skin. And what’s more, you can use it in your hair and on your nails! Wildflower Ultralight Oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and is best applied after baths or showers while your pores are nice and open. It is natural, organic, and provides sheer moisture that renews skins appearance and tone. With the number of harsh environmental influences on the skin every day, this oil is a great protector. It’s also gentle, so so those of you with sensitive skin can use this knowing you won’t flare up. Oils Included: Evening Primrose, Primula, Echinacea, Linden Flower

Apricot Body Oil

The scent of this luxurious apricot body oil by Eminence is enough to keep you wanting to use it over and over again! Blended with other essential oils, the hydrating strength of apricot creates a massage oil that smells and feel fantastic. Though this oil is advertised for the body, it feels wonderful on the face as well. It will also visibly improve skin tone. Oils Included: apricot kernel, grape seed, jojoba, sea buckthorn, pomegranate

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil

You can gently cleanse impurities with the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil by Eminence and return your skin to a glowing balance! Infused with a moisturizer from essential oils and microgreens, forget any possibility of greasiness! Each use leaves your face free from build-up and pleasant to the touch with youthful radiance. Oils included: Jojoba, Sunflower, Stone Crop

Rose Mist

Our top, most luxurious-for-your-skin pick is Lydia Dainow’s Rose Mist. Infused with heavenly rose and Phytosauian that has a remarkable effect on your skin, this oil will make you feel like royalty. It nourishes and has anti-aging properties as well, so you know you’re treating your face right. Also, a useful tip for this oil is to combine it with Cellutone and/or green lotus to enhance its protective effects. Oils included: rose, phytosauian

Swiss Clinique offers only the best in facial oil skincare products. We search the whole world to deliver you the best skincare products available helping you keep your skin beautiful and well cared for. A healthy glow starts with excellent products!