You’ve hidden your face behind hats and scarves all winter. Are you ready to embrace the new spring makeup palettes? Read on for our best facial hair removal tips for smooth, makeup-ready skin.

Too Much Hair in the Wrong Place

Who doesn’t covet a thick, healthy head of hair? However, we have yet to meet a woman who loved having too much facial hair. Take heart: you aren’t alone if you tend to grow a significant amount of hair on your face, as dermatologists say that approximately ten percent of women suffer from too much of it.

Hormones and genetics are the culprits behind most cases of unwanted facial hair. Indeed, most women begin to notice the problem around the time of menopause when hormones can fluctuate wildly. Like so many of the symptoms surrounding this change of life, sufferers are too often embarrassed to ask for help.

Fortunately, you can achieve beautifully smooth skin. Even better, you can get rid of unwanted facial hair while also pampering your skin. Follow along for our best facial hair removal tips that will prepare your face for spring.

3 Best Facial Hair Removal Methods

From tweezing to bleaching, countless generations of women have struggled with how to best remove unwanted facial hair. The key to successfully removing the hair is to do it without harming the skin on your face. After all, you want beautiful skin, not stressed and painful facial skin.

Number 1: Shave

There’s no doubt that women have long used a razor to remove pesky facial hair. Regular shaving is an inexpensive way to tackle too much hair. The downside to shaving is that you’ll need to keep doing it to manage the continually growing hair.

Check out this article for information on razors and creams that will assist you if you choose to shave.

Number 2: Laser

Beauty care has definitely moved into a high-tech business. You can count on laser hair removal to give you smooth skin that is ready to embrace the warmer months. Laser hair removal effectively works to banish those unwelcome hairs.

There are a few significant downsides to laser treatments. You might require multiple treatments to achieve your desired results, and laser hair removal isn’t an inexpensive option.

Even more worrying, an inexperienced technician could burn and scar your skin. Make sure you know the qualifications of the person employing the laser before you trust your face to them.

Number 3: Wax

Now, we know that you’ve more than likely tried waxing at home. There’s a strong chance that your at-home waxing session left your skin irritated and sore. We won’t even go into how much pain you experienced during the waxing process!

Happily, you can forget about waxing your face at home. We don’t recommend it. Instead, we highly suggest that you book an appointment at your favorite spa for a top-quality facial waxing session.

The skin experts at Swiss Clinique, for example, understand how to perform a minimal discomfort waxing that rewards you with smooth, glowing skin. What’s more, your post-wax skin will look and feel stunningly smooth for weeks without any extra effort on your part.

Contact us at Swiss Clinique to book your facial waxing appointment today.

Pamper Your Hair-Free Face

Once you remove the unwelcome hair on your face, it’s essential to pamper your skin. Winter weather is unkind to your face, and a little soothing care is in order. Treating your face to some comfort is a terrific way to prepare for spring’s makeup palettes.

Consider cutting back a little on heavy-duty moisturizers. Opt for a less intense moisturizing product once indoor heaters turn off, and your face regains its natural moisture. Shop for your ideal warm-weather moisturizer here.

Experts also recommend that you invest in a high-quality exfoliator. Imagine how much healthier your skin will look once you remove all the dead cells that accumulated on it during the winter. Reach for your favorite product or indulge yourself with a full spa facial. Any way you look at it, your face will thank you for some exfoliation.

Finally, don’t let up on sun protection. Wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 or even higher if you have very fair skin. Invest in an assortment of stylish hats to keep the sun off your face. Carry a water bottle with you as you go about your day so you stay super hydrated.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, why hide your face when you can use one of our best facial hair removal methods for smooth skin this spring? Follow up with a skincare regimen that fits the needs of spring weather. Let your face come out of hiding so you can put your happiest face forward this spring.

Swiss Clinique offers an extensive line of skincare products services at our spa in Corona del Mar, CA. You can also purchase from our selection of fantastic products here. Contact us today for experienced, friendly advice on how to make the most of your skin.