Have you ever noticed that sometimes certain foods, emotions, temperatures and even skin care products can trigger your rosacea to flare up? If your skin starts to turn red, your blood vessels become noticeable, or you experience acne-like breakouts, you may be suffering from rosacea. It’s important to know what factors can cause these flare-ups so you can learn to avoid them in certain situations and work with your aesthetician to improve your skin care routine.

Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods are some of the most common triggers of rosacea. Exercise caution around salsa, curry, and cayenne pepper if you want to look your best for a business meeting or special event.


After a long day at work, winding down with a cocktail or glass of wine may sound like a good idea, but it may leave you red in the face. In a survey from the National Rosacea Society, 52% of respondents said that alcohol has led to their flare-ups. Red wine tops the list of alcoholic beverages most likely to trigger rosacea. Other drink triggers include anything with gin, vodka or whiskey.

Tip: If you have noticed that your rosacea appears after you eat or drink, keep a food journal to help you keep track of what foods and beverages trigger your flare-ups.

Certain Skin Care Products

Certain products with alcohol or fragrance can irritate the skin and lead to rosacea outbreaks. It’s also important to avoid products that claim to be “waterproof” because they require makeup remover and heavy scrubbing to take off.

Tip: Stick to skin care products that are alcohol and fragrance-free. When looking into makeup, use cosmetics that are water-based and non-allergenic, and try to avoid heavy foundations.

Extreme Weather or Temperatures

Snuggling up to the fire or enjoying a hot bath might sound relaxing, but for those with rosacea, overly warm temperatures increase blood flow, which often leads to facial flushing. Colder weather and wind exposure can also trigger rosacea.

Tip: Avoid hot tubs, saunas and being too close to heaters. During the winter months, always bundle up with a scarf or ski mask to protect your face from the cold winds. Just make sure it’s not made out of wool or a fabric that can irritate your skin.Exercise: Heavy exercise elevates your heart rate, which is good for the body and soul, but causes flushing from an increase in blood flow to the skin.


Heavy exercise elevates your heart rate, which is good for the body and soul but causes flushing from an increase in blood flow to the skin.

Tip: Consider exercising in off-peak hours when the temperatures outside are cooler and the sun is low (in the early morning or evening).


Experts say that stress in one of the most common triggers of rosacea. In fact, a recent study by the National Rosacea Society found that 91% of patients claimed that stress played a factor in their flare-ups.

Tip: If you have been under significant stress lately, try practicing a few simple stress management techniques. Getting plenty of sleep, eating well and practicing deep breathing exercise on a daily basis can help lower stress and reduce flare up frequency.

If you suspect you may have rosacea or have experienced flare-ups brought on by any of the triggers above, consult with your Aesthetician. Together, you can determine which form of rosacea you have (yes, there are different types), and develop a treatment plan that works best for your individual skin care needs.