If you love the feeling of consistently smooth legs, you may be a waxing regular. That is until the cold season comes around. Then perhaps you skip the waxing and opt for cozy leggings. Contrary to common belief, waxing your legs in the wintertime is something that should remain part of your hair-taming routine. And it’s not just about looking good. From a usefulness point of view, you will reap the benefits from your summer waxes and will get long-lasting, excellent results from your treatments if you continue your routine. On the other hand, if you were planning to wait until spring to begin a fresh-legged routine, think again! Starting a waxing regimen in the winter will yield the best results once summer rolls around. If you start now, you’re almost guaranteed to have the best results.

Why? It all has to do with the hair growth cycle.

The Anagen Stage

The anagen stage is the first stage of hair growth. It’s an active phase for hair and is the best time to perform waxing. Removing hair during the anagen stage allows the waxed area to stay hairless for longer by eliminating it at its earliest stage of development. Also, waxing anagen hair should, at some point, lead to a lessening in regrowth. Removing the hair from the complete depth of the follicle and the structures that border the hair follicle, which control hair growth, will eventually weaken.

Therefore, to get top results, you must keep a regular routine for your leg waxing to make sure that you try and get rid of the hair in the anagen phase. The simplest way to train the hair on any body part, such as your legs, into a growth cycle is to perform a waxing every 3 – 4 weeks.
During this time, you might see that the waxed area begins to look even hairier than it did before. This is another reason why winter is the best time for waxing legs. Once you get to that phase and you keep the leg waxing routine up, you will begin to see better, ongoing results with each treatment.

Say Ciao to Dry Winter Skin

Waxing not only gets the hair from the root, but it also possesses an exfoliating effect. The wax, when taken from the targeted area, removes dead skin cells and leaves a new layer of skin. An accumulation of dead skin cells won’t let the nutrients from healthy lotions and body creams be soaked up by the skin. Granted that winter is the time in which the skin becomes drier due to not getting enough moisture, you want all the nutrients you can get.

Furthermore, wintery, dry air is unforgiving on the skin. The air dries out the skin, and dryness is the exact reason for flaky skin, redness, ingrown hairs, and itching. Creating a winter skincare routine and taking advantage of waxing’s exfoliating effect is a beautiful combination to having glowing, smooth skin. Good waxing with gentle products suggested for sensitive skin will have your skin silky and ready for the wintertime.

Waxing Legs is One of Our Specialties

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