Is applying face toner part of your daily skincare routine? If not, we hope that you’ll use the start of the new decade to begin exploring the benefits that come with everyday toner use. Follow along for more information on how to use toner to achieve beautiful skin in 2020.

Face Toner: A Fantastic Solution

If you stick around beauty blogs long enough, you’ll read many differing opinions on the value of toner. Years of experience convinces us that using a high-quality toner on your face every day is an excellent idea if you value gorgeous skin. Let’s take a brief look at the basics of face toner and why it belongs in your skincare routine.

An essential thing to know is that there are multiple types of toners on the market. They range from very mild skin fresheners to potent astringents. Today’s toners typically rely on a gentle water-base that works to prepare, rather than punish, your skin. Toner does a terrific job of cleansing your skin and prepping it for the next steps in your beauty routine.

One of the best reasons to consider using a toner is that it brings terrific perks to your face cleansing routine. You’ll experience benefits like the following when you reach for a superior face toner.

  • Protection from dirt and grime
  • Optimal pH balance
  • Skin looks less tired
  • Increased moisture
  • Reduced pore size
  • Preps your skin ready for additional skincare products

So many things in life are challenging; it’s refreshing to know that using face toner to improve the appearance of your skin doesn’t take much effort. Let’s examine how to use toner for the most effective results.

How to Use Toner

We know that thinking about making an addition to your trusted beauty routine can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there isn’t anything complicated about most skin toning products. Here are the basics of how to use toner to achieve the glowing skin that you want this year.

Choose a Product

The first step to reaping the most benefits of daily toner use is choosing an appropriate toning product. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all toner. Instead, look for a face toner that meets the needs of your skin.

Don’t forget the importance of considering your skin type. Aging skin, for example, often struggles with dryness. A gentle toner that embraces the needs of sensitive skin does a beautiful job of enhancing the appearance of mature facial skin.

Skin experts also recommend that you choose a cleanser and toner from the same product line. Skincare companies design the products to work in harmony, and you’ll get the most benefits when you stick to the same brand.

Read this Allure article for tips on choosing the correct kind of toner for your skin.

Place It into Your Skincare Routine

Even the most excellent toning products won’t do much for your face if you don’t apply them at the right time in your skincare routine. Proper order of application for toner matters.

In general, you apply toner right after cleansing your skin. That said, you’ll have the most success with your face toner if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding when to apply it to your skin.

Cosmopolitan has a handy chart that will help you to remember the correct steps in a comprehensive skincare regimen.

Consistent Use

How often should you apply a toner? Your skin will reward you for consistently using a toning product every time you cleanse your face. Don’t use too much toner since applying a super generous amount of product isn’t necessary and might even be counterproductive. Instead, stick to the amount suggested on the toner bottle.

Consistent use is crucial because it can take time to see the full benefits.

Last Thoughts

You can make a significant upgrade in your beauty routine when you invest in a high-quality face toner. Taking the time to learn how to use a toner that matches the needs of your skin is a sure way to improve your appearance in 2020.

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