Most people don’t understand the benefits of a professional facial. One myth I hear often is that you are “paying someone to wash your face.” However, it is my duty as a skin care professional to tell you the truth about facials. So, you can stop scratching your head trying to figure out the benefits of facials, because here are five important ones:

Effectively Unclog Pores and Clean Out Blackheads

People usually have a difficult time getting rid of blackheads at home because home care products can only help reduce the surface oils. It takes a professional aesthetician to properly prepare and soften the skin before extractions can take place in a safe and effective way. With proper preparation and skin softening techniques, your aesthetician will gently extract blackheads, clogged pores and other impurities without harming your skin.

Get a Deep, Thorough Cleaning

Dermatologists have compared professional facials to visits with your dentist (Teen Vogue). Yes, you brush and floss daily, but you still get your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis, right? In the same sense, regular professional facials are an essential addition to your skin care routine. Many skin conditions are an ongoing challenge and the effectiveness of an at-home regimen needs to be boosted with regular spa treatments. Together, at-home and in-spa treatments produce successful results, better and faster.

Get an Expert Analysis

You can get a general idea of your skin type, but with changes in weather, diet and age, skin types can vary. When you receive regular facials, your aesthetician works with your skin for an hour so they can achieve a real understanding of your true skin type each time. They can even help you get to the underlying cause of certain skin conditions. Is that hormonal acne or is something in your lifestyle clogging your pores? Only the professionals know and can give you expert advice.

Problem Solve

No matter what skin type or condition you have, once your aesthetician knows it, they can tailor your facial treatment to address your specific skin needs. For example, if your skin is prone to brown spots and discoloration, your aesthetician will use skin brightening or lightening treatments. If you have dry skin, they may use lipid-increasing ingredients to repair your skin’s protective barrier to reduce dryness. By using the right combination of tools and ingredients, a professional aesthetician can help improve the skin over time to achieve your best complexion.


When you’re in need of some “me time”, look no further than your friendly aesthetician. One of the more indulging benefits of a professional facial is that it is a truly relaxing, soothing experience. A facial will give you time to re-energize and clear your mind. Since stress plays a major factor in your skin’s condition and can lead to unwanted impurities, it’s best to take some time out for yourself and unwind. You will be happy you did.

Even if you have an at-home regimen, visiting an aesthetician could completely change the way you view your complexion, no matter your age or skin care woes. When was the last time you had a professional facial? If it’s been a while, book one with Evelyne or Memory here at Swiss Clinique, your skin will be glowing in no time.