We all have to deal with acne- but that doesn’t mean we have to let it get out of control! Acne is caused when pollutants clog the pores of your skin. When the skin is exposed to these pollutants, dirt particles infiltrate the pores, increasing oil production and leading to acne. This reason is why it’s essential to cleanse your face regularly and incorporate the use of face masks for acne.

Washing your face twice a day helps to reduce the chance of acne forming, but it can only help so much- the ingredients are only on your skin for a short amount of time. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate a face mask into your skincare routine. A face mask for acne-prone skin just once a week helps draw out impurities and prevent pores from clogging again, triggering new acne and breakouts. Many face masks include ingredients that help your skin beyond acne prevention. This includes brightening the skin and helping to reduce the appearance of old breakout scars and hyperpigmentation. 

Face Masks for Acne: Choosing the Right Ingredients

Choosing a face mask with the right ingredients is vital in helping your acne-prone skin! You’ll want to look for products that target the impurities that become acne. 


Clay face masks are popular with people who have acne-prone skin. They unclog pores, grabbing any excess dirt, oil, and debris that may have accumulated over time. The science behind the success of clay masks is that clay contains naturally strong negatively charged molecules, while most toxins are positively charged. Since opposites attract, the clay draws toxins deep within your skin, bringing them to the surface. 

Bentonite Clay is a popular type of clay used in face masks for acne-prone skin. Along with drawing out pollutants, it helps boost blood flow and oxygen circulation in the skin. It can also help boost collagen production, which rejuvenates the skin. When using a clay mask, focus on applying it to your face’s T-zone since this is where the most oil is produced. Clay masks can cause excessive dryness in the under-eye area and lips, so avoid these areas when you apply.


Charcoal is often referred to as a miracle product for skincare since it provides many benefits to almost all types of skin. It deeply infiltrates the pores to deep clean and purify, absorbing excess oil and sebum while reducing the size of active pimples and drying them out. The porous texture of charcoal allows it to trap and bind to toxins and bacteria so it can be easily washed away with water.

Since charcoal removes impurities that cause acne, it leaves the skin with fewer blockages, which reduces the likelihood of breakouts. As a result of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps minimize the redness and swelling caused by acne. Charcoal can also reduce extra sebum production, which contributes to pimples by causing extra oil on the skin.

Charcoal exfoliating gel cleanserAcne-prone skin can benefit from charcoal’s natural exfoliation properties by removing pollution, dust, dead skin cells, and natural oils. In addition to evening out skin tone, exfoliating helps remove pigmented skin cells to promote a brighter complexion- just a bonus of using charcoal in your skincare!

The Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser utilizes charcoal’s beneficial properties to wash away impurities, remove excess oil, and revitalize the complexion. It’s a great way to invigorate the skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. By combining charcoal with malachite gemstones, blue matcha, and peppermint, this gel-to-lather formula does more than target acne- it increases the skin’s vitality and improves the appearance of aging.

konjac sponge

Other Acne-Friendly Products from Swiss Clinique

Lydia Dainow’s Baume LD 2.0 is a helpful cleanser that prepares the skin for a face mask. It detoxifies the skin while providing moisture, freeing the skin’s surface of oily films that clog the pores. Try using the Organic Konjac Face Sponge for a useful addition to your skincare regimen. Using only the highest-quality konjac fibers from Yamamoto Farms in Japan, these sponges contain minerals and antioxidants that gently cleanse the skin.

Another way to treat acne-prone skin is by receiving regular facial treatments from a local professional. Swiss Clinique offers custom facial treatments in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar. After a detailed consultation, you’ll receive a specialized facial treatment that works for your skin. The Skin You’re In Crystal Clear Facial targets acne and complexion concerns!

Care for your Skin with Swiss Clinique

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